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Clinical EROS Spray Uses Pharmacodynamics

The main ingredient is lignocaine (10% w / v in Spray). Lignocaine is a local anesthetic, which reduces the risk of penile overdose. Lidocaine works by preventing or reducing nerve impulses near the site of application. The dose is relatively low, limiting the anesthetic to the application area and reducing the risk of transmission to a partner.

The duration of the action is usually no more than 60 minutes.

Many young men use EROS without any side effects.


  • Eros Delay Spray Size and Application Methods
  • Don’t Use it more than 4 times in 24 hours.


This product contains a stimulating base, is non-toxic, and does not damage the rubber.

Do not use it if the skin of the penis is cracked or damaged. Most local anesthetics are easily absorbed into the broken skin. For external use only and for vaginal contact only.

  • Original Eros
  • Wash the penis first.
  • Apply on all three sides of the penis, leaving the lower part.
  • Leave to dry for 15 minutes after spraying.
  • And enjoy sex.
  • And wash the genitals again after intercourse.
  • Eros men spray late 45ml.
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Eros Delay Spray in Pakistan

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