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How To Use Royal Honey For Her

Consume 1 Sachet Of Royal Honey For Every 3-4 Days For the Best Result, Take After Meal.

Do Not Take Alcohol/Coffee/Tea, 4 Hours Before & After Consuming Royal Honey.

Also, Be Consumed 1 Hour Before Any Physical Activity (Sex) Or Encounter For An Added Boost To Your Energy Levels.

Functions Of Royal Honey For Her

For A Distinguished Sexual Activity.

No Impotence, No Infertility

For Firmer Breast With Smoother Complexion.

Sparks Female Desire And Enhances Orgasm.

Regulates Menstrual Cycle.

Relieves Vasomotor Symptoms And Enhances Sexual Activity In Menopausal Women.

For A Distinguished Feminine Look With Exceptional Vitality.

Improves Skin Complexion. No Freckles.

Tightens Vaginal Muscles. Reduces Vaginal Discharge, Protects Against Bacterial Infection.

An Instant Energy Source.

Rich In Proteins, Amino Acids, Vitamins, and Digestive And Metabolic Enzymes.

Enhances Nutrient Absorption And Metabolism.

Supports The Immune System.

Improves Blood Circulation.

Enforces Memory And Brain Functions

A unique blend of nutritious herbs and pure honey to provide the much-needed physical and beauty supplement to women of all age groups.

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Royal Honey For Her in Pakistan

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